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This site is dedicated to the fight of three year old Quinlan Thomas. He is the bravest little warrior we know! Most of his young life has been spent fighting leukemia, a battle no child should ever have to fight. You can read more about him on "Q's Story.

We will continue to update his progress as often as we can. We appreciate all the prayers and love sent our way.

Updates -


It is with great sadness that we report Quinlan passed away early Wednesday morning, August 13th. There will be a Memorial Service for Q on Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. at West End Baptist Church, 6506 Boydton Plank Road, Petersburg, VA 23805.


Quinlan has taken a sudden turn for the worse. That amazing little guy has fought battles most of us can only imagine. His little body is just not capable of fighting anymore. I am asking you to pray for comfort and peace for Caroline, Tony & Zander.#alwaysmySuperQ


The updates get harder and harder to write. For one thing there really isn't any remarkable change to report. Honestly I have run out of ways to explain things I can not explain. It has been a month now since Q was released from the hospital. He is at home and going to clinic two times a week for transfusions and blood work. He is alert and comfortable most of the time. His blood work shows positive and negative signs.

I choose to report on the positive... he is home, in his comfortable bed, with his Mommy and Daddy and brother. So, for today, this post will be about them and the love and grace that they have shown Q through the journey... They are every bit as amazing to watch as he is. Tony and Caroline are giving their son the ultimate gift. It is love in its purest and simplest form. To watch them try to maintain a normal household and be aware of Quinlan's health is a miracle in itself. We don't call him SuperQ by mistake; he was born to be a superhero because of them.#bravestrongsuperQ


We don't really have much news to report at this time, Quinlan is still at home and going to clinic twice a week to get platelets and/or blood. He has lost quite a bit of weight (most of that was lost in the hospital because of the Intussusception). He is eating and drinking at home, which is always a positive sign. His blood work last week showed white counts going up, which is a good thing but now there may be some kidney issues going on. They are going to try some medication to see if that can be resolved. He is as amazing as ever; smiling, singing songs, and watching videos on the ipad. His energy level is low but that is expected. We wish we knew what to say to describe what is going on but we don't. We take each day as it comes.  Thank you all again for the unbelievable support and love.#bravestrongsuperQ


Thank you to everyone who came out last Saturday to the No Last Names benefit for Quinlan. We had a wonderful time. The band was awesome! Not only are they fantastic musicians, they are even more amazing as people. Quinlan is at home now and trying to recover from the Intussusception. He's got a rough road ahead but seems to be resting well and has started to eat. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. We will update as often as possible. Thank you for all the support and love sent our way. #bravestrongsuperQ


The last two days have been just horrible. Quinlan has had to have 3 emergency procedures because he has developed Intussusception  (a serious disorder in which part of the intestine slides into an adjacent part of the intestine. This "telescoping" often blocks food or fluid from passing through. Intussusception also cuts off the blood supply to the part of the intestine that's affected and can lead to a tear in the bowel (perforation), infection and death of bowel tissue.)This problem is further complicated because of his immune system, surgery is not an option.The next 24 -48 hours are the most critical. This situation has put the plans to go to St. Jude's on hold for a bit. We know that many people are praying for Q, and thank all of you for those prayers and the love sent his way. #bravestrongsuperQ


Things don't always go as planned when you are a child (or adult) with cancer. Quinlan was admitted again on June 29th to VCU. His ammune system is just not there, just not capable of fighting the smallest thing... plans are underway for St. Jude's in the coming week. The treatments/infections/viruses/??? are catching up with our superhero. We are all trying to stay strong and positive. Please pray that St. Jude's is the answer. #heroQ


Well.... Tennessee here we come. The marrow results are sending us to St. Jude's. The amazing doctors and nurses there will have the pleasure of taking care of,  and healing Quinlan. I hope they are ready for our little warrior... his smile, his heart, his "I won't give up" attitude. The last biopsy showed that the leukemia  is still hanging on so in the next week or so it's off to Tennessee. Please pray for safe travels and that Super Q holds his own through the testing and conditioning that will lead up to the transplant. Also if you can and will , say a little prayer for Zander, who is going to be without Mommy & Daddy for a little while again.


Quinlan is slowing gaining back energy and getting out of the bed more and more. He will have a bone marrow biopsy this Wednesday. If the results of the marrow show there is active disease, he will go to St. Jude's in Memphis, TN right away. If there is no active disease, he will go to Johns Hopkins. Thank you for the calls, texts, prayers and love sent our way!



Quinlan is having a rough time with this chemo. He is extremely aggiatated, uncomfortable, and just not feeling well. It is both understandable and hard to watch. He did get out of bed yesterday for a walk down the hall and  a nice visit with Zander. #superQsuperhero


Quinlan was admitted to VCU on Monday, June 9th. He is undergoing some intensive chemo because the results from the last marrow biopsy show a great deal of leukemia cells. This also leaves a question as to where he will undergo the transplant. Johns Hopkins will not do the transplant if there is active disease, so the docs at VCU are sending some information to St Jude's to see if Q fits into any of their protocols. After this round of chemo, they will repeat the marrow and will determine where he will go for transplant. He will have a Hickman catheter (in addition to the port already in place) placed today so they can administer the chemo and round the clock pain medications. Please continue to pray for our little warrior! It's hard to see him like this even though we know in our minds that it always gets worse before it gets better, but in our hearts...well that's entirely different.


Quinlan did not need any transfusions at clinic yesterday! Yay! That is wonderful news since the last chemo, his counts have been very low. They have scheduled a bone marrow biopsy for Friday, May 30th. It will take about a week after the test for full results to come back. It's a bittersweet process in a way. You are hoping that the leukemia is in remission, but remission right now only means that it's the beginning of the next chapter... the transplant. That is a huge deal, it means moving a family from their familiar surroundings, familiar hospital and doctors, familiar way of life for a few months. Not to mention the toll that the transplant will take on an already physically weak child. But Q will do what he always does, he will roll on... everyday that he can, every way that he can! He has ALWAYS been our inspiration on this journey because he IS amazing.


Quinlan was hospitalized last week for an infection. His immune system is at ground zero, so even though this is not what we wanted, it is almost expected. Since he's been home, he has made a remarkable turnaround and is eating, drinking, playing and wanting to go outside. He is playing with squirt guns and chasing Zander around the yard (that doesn't always end up the best, but hey, they are brothers). It's so good to see him back to being a little boy! It breaks my heart to see his hair falling out again, it is almost as if you close your eyes you can think he's not sick, but then the hair goes and it's undeniable... he's sick, every time you look at him, you know that he's sick. The beauty in all this (yes, I said beauty) is that he feels just like any other three year old. He doesn't know he is a super hero, but we do!


We are at the point after the chemo we received during that week in the hospital that Q's blood counts will drop.   The chemotherapy disrupts the cell cycle of the Leukemia cells, but also the cycle of his healthy cells, so his healthy white and red cells and platelets decrease.  As a result, last week he had to be transfused with blood and platelets.  There is no way to give him white cells however, and these are the infection fighting cells, so this is a period of time where we have to be very watchful of any signs of infection.  Q is doing well, and last week endured a 6 hour clinic visit like a champion.  His resiliency is a constant source of inspiration for me.

We go to clinic twice a week to check his blood levels and transfuse.  When his counts start to recover, the doctors will perform another bone marrow biopsy.  If there are no detectable signs of the Leukemia, we will proceed directly to transplant.  If the cells are still detected, we will do another round of chemo here before going to Hopkins.  I know it is difficult to understand that if he is in remission we still have to go to transplant (it took me a long time to understand this one), but Leukemia, especially the type he has, has the ability to hide in the body for great lengths of time, then mutate to escape the chemo that was given to target it.  That is what happened in our situation.  We had a year of clean bone marrows, and then for reasons that are unknown, something triggers these cells to become active again.  

As I write these updates, I will attempt to explain some of the science of Q's diagnosis.  I admit I knew nothing about Leukemia before two years ago, and little more about how bone marrow functions.  I hope some of my explanations might help someone understand Q's journey a little better.

Thank you to everyone who has mobilized so quickly to organize fundraisers, donate money, and offer support and prayers.  Our nightly news is filled with stories of the atrocities human beings are unfortunately capable of, but people like you, through your kind, selfless acts of generosity, remind us that we are capable of equally beautiful acts.  Q's Crew-You are amazing!!

5.10.14 - The first update we need to post is to thank Rob Taylor for his generosity in securing the domain. It was an amazing gift. It means more to us than you could possibly know. XOXOXOXOXO

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